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Today I want you to meet Alison. Friendly, caring and sweet are the words that come to mind when I think about this young woman.

Alison is a senior at Perry Meridian High School. Alison is on the Girls Varsity Golf team, also attends Central Nine and has National Technical Honors Society.

lisa cox photography Alison-38.jpg

Alison was so much fun at her session.  Even with us hurrying to get it all in before it rained, she was so easy going and a true delight to work with.

I loved the outfits that Alison brought to the shoot. For example, the flower top she wore was stunning. But, my favorite was that she wore her grandma’s pearls!!!

I asked Alison whether she had any advice to offer others who were getting ready to take senior pictures. This is what she had to share: Definitely have everything ready the night before! That way you can have everything together and you won’t have to stress about forgetting anything.

When I asked Alison how her overall experience was, she said “ It was awesome! I had so much fun and the whole process was so easy.”

After high school, Alison is planning on attending Adrian College

Best of luck to Alison. I know you’ll do wonderful things!

lisa cox photography Alison-2lisa cox photography Alison-28

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