Beauty Wednesday

By: Naomi Olson for Lisa Cox Photography

I loved this Stila liquid lip! The color caught my eye immediately, however, I forgot the color goes on darker than anticipated- especially reds. So when I applied it, it was much darker than I expected but I loved it!

I was going to give the review my all and used it as an excuse to apply a full face! The eye makeup was practice and inspired by pinterest!

The lipstick was easy to apply, and the wand made it simple to line my lips and fill it in as well. The product stayed wet enough to clean up the edges easily, but dried within about 20-30 seconds. The formula felt a little dry at the beginning but turned velvety after it dried. Talking felt glamorous with this lip on! The formula was very matte and accentuated my lips, and hardly came off when I kissed my hand hard.

2018-06-17 01_34_34.119

Removing the lip wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It came off with a few swipes of a makeup wipe. I was concerned that it was going to leave my lips stained, but the “stain” wiped off with a few more swipes. One thing I didn’t like was how it left my lips really dry after removal. They kind of felt like they shriveled up. I would suggest adding a thin layer or balm or lip primer before applying just so your lips don’t feel a loss of moisture.

Overall, I absolutely loved this lip and I will be searching for it in different colors. The brand held true to its reputation for quality, the formula was awesome, and the color rocked! I would highly recommend this to others!

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