Beauty Wednesday

Beauty Wednesday

By: Naomi Olson for Lisa Cox Photography

I loved this Stila liquid lip! The color caught my eye immediately, however, I forgot the color goes on darker than anticipated- especially reds. So when I applied it, it was much darker than I expected but I loved it!

I was going to give the review my all and used it as an excuse to apply a full face! The eye makeup was practice and inspired by pinterest!

The lipstick was easy to apply, and the wand made it simple to line my lips and fill it in as well. The product stayed wet enough to clean up the edges easily, but dried within about 20-30 seconds. The formula felt a little dry at the beginning but turned velvety after it dried. Talking felt glamorous with this lip on! The formula was very matte and accentuated my lips, and hardly came off when I kissed my hand hard.

2018-06-17 01_34_34.119

Removing the lip wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It came off with a few swipes of a makeup wipe. I was concerned that it was going to leave my lips stained, but the “stain” wiped off with a few more swipes. One thing I didn’t like was how it left my lips really dry after removal. They kind of felt like they shriveled up. I would suggest adding a thin layer or balm or lip primer before applying just so your lips don’t feel a loss of moisture.

Overall, I absolutely loved this lip and I will be searching for it in different colors. The brand held true to its reputation for quality, the formula was awesome, and the color rocked! I would highly recommend this to others!

Beauty Wednesday

Beauty Wednesday

By: Whitney Black for Lisa Cox Photography

As you can tell, mascara is a must for me because without it, I look like I have no eyelashes! Mascara is my favorite makeup product to use because it brings out my eyes. However, I have spent a lot of money trying to find the ‘perfect’ one that makes my eyelashes look long, voluminous, and most importantly lasts all day. Recently, I tried Ulta Beauty’s “Maximum Lashes.”

My before and after are in the picture posted here.


This mascara was not too bad overall. To get the results I did, it took multiple layers. I wore this for a full day and by the end of the day it was not as noticeable as it was in the beginning. I tried pairing this with another mascara and it worked greatly! This mascara was great with length. I just wish it added more volume! I would recommend this to anyone who just wants a simple mascara to add a little length and not something over the top.





Strive for Progress not Perfection

Strive for Progress not Perfection

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since I have been on here.

I wanted to talk a minute on what I think a lot of us struggle with, and I am one of them.

SM2 MRBLE PNY laptop.jpg

I am one that so over analyze everything and feel like I can never get everything I want done cause it is not EXACTLY  how I want it.  I get so caught up in the smallest details that sometimes I lose focus on the overall picture.  Can you relate?

So how do I overcome this.  Well a there are a few things I do that have been lifesavers. So I hope some of these help you too.

SM2_MRBLE PNY flatlay.jpg

When I start a new task, I must have a game plan or nothing will get done.  I try to break down each new project in 3 or more many tasks.  This helps me feel like I can actually tackle it and it is not as overwhelming as I first think when starting. I have to give each task a deadline to keep me focus so I can get the over all project on schedule.


Even after making smaller tasks, I have learned over the years that I can not be great at everything. Even though I want to be. So there are times, I have to ask for help or hire others to do things for me because in reality it just makes sense for the project and my sanity. At first I felt like a cheat for hiring some things out. But I could not complete my project on time, with the level of perfection I want, and keep my sanity and my family life in balance.  It was not cheating, it was working smarter not harder.


One last thing I have come to learn, which was the hardest for me, was making progress was so much more important than perfection. I have worked so hard on things and so much time to make them “perfect” and blown deadlines and budgets. I hate not being able to produce perfection. But since breaking things down in smaller tasks with deadlines and hiring out things I just can not do as well as I want it to be has help me reach those projects on time and budget.

I hope these tips will help you like they have helped me.

Hobby Lobby Challenge

What a great time I had with these three young woman at our local Hobby Lobby.  Of course like many of us have seen all the amazing posts on social media from this challenge, so we wanted in on all the fun. Here are a few posts from our adventure.

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Snow Senior Session |Anna | Whiteland Community High School

Anna and I picked the coldest day to do this session. (lol) It was a high of 4 degrees. (FREEZING).  Anna was such a trooper and we got some amazing images. The snow is gorgeous here in Whiteland, Indiana. If you are wanting a snow session, make sure to contact soon!

best whiteland photographer2whiteland senior photographer2whiteland senior photography2whiteland senior portraits2whiteland snow session2

Snow Senior Session |Wyatt | Franklin, IN

Wyatt and I had a blast at this Snow Session. It was only a high of 12 degrees but he was such great spirit thru it all. The snow was so beautiful here in Whiteland, Indiana. I love doing high school senior snow sessions!

best high school senior photographersouthport senior photographersouthport senior portraitssouthport senior sessionsouthport snow session


Snow Teen Session |Devlin | Whiteland Community High School

Devlin was such a delite at our snow session! Up first to freeze for some amazing photos! It was a lot of fun in Whiteland, IN. Love have Devlin on my Teen Street Team.

center grove teen photographer2franklin teen photographer2greenwood teen photographer2southport teen photographer2whiteland teen photographer2