Teen Session

Life is all memory, except for the one moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going   –  Tennessee Williams


As a mom a couple of teenagers.  These years are rough. Not only for the parents but for them too. Their bodies are changing and they are starting to navigate those ever so fun hormones.  As they are trying to find themselves during this time, it gets confusing and challenging.

While we can’t keep them our little sweet babies forever, we can give them confidence! This is what Tween sessions are all about.  They are there to take the things they love about themselves and capture them, praise them and so they can remember forever.

Mini Teen Session


This is our smallest session package.
20minute session
1 location

Lets Make Memories Session


This is a great all round session.
40 minute session
1 location
2 outfits
professional makeup

Rock Star Memories Session


This is the ultimate session.
60 minute session
1 locations
unlimited outfits
professional makeup

Images are presented at an in-person viewing & ordering session before on-line gallery is posted.